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mái vòm uốn cong
mái vòm uốn cong

Mái hiên giống như tuýp kem chống nắng hoàn hảo cho sân hoặc ban công của bạn. Có nhiều loại mái hiên khác nhau. Chọn giữa mái hiên cổ điển như cánh tay có khớp nối, mái hiên hoặc dạng nửa hộp kín. Ngoài ra, Mái Hiên Di Động Hà Nội. Cung cấp cho bạn nhiều loại mái hiên hơn với mái hiên, dọc, cánh tay thả hay Cánh tay gập. Mái hiên có dang tay khớp nối là mái hiên phổ biến nhất và thường được sử dụng nhất trên sân thượng và ban công. Nó cung cấp khả năng chống nắng lý tưởng cũng như chống mưa nhẹ. Trong kiểu mái hiên này, hai cánh tay có khớp nối kéo tấm vải mái ra khỏi cái gọi là trục lăn.
Giống như mái hiên có khớp nối, mái hiên dạng hộp kín cũng có công nghệ cánh tay khớp nối. Tuy nhiên, loại mái hiên này có một lợi thế quyết định: Khi thu lại mái hiên hoàn chỉnh được bao phủ bởi bằng một chiếc hộp kín và do đó được bảo vệ tốt nhất và chống lại bụi bẩn, mưa và gió. 

Folding arm (Mái Hiên Có Cánh Tay Gập)
The articulated awning is the most popular awning and is most often used on terraces and balconies. It provides the ideal sun protection as well as a protection against light rain. In this type of awning, the two articulated arms pull the awning fabric away from the so-called roller-shaft. The articulated arm awning floats freely over the terrace.

các mẫu mái hiên di động
các mẫu mái hiên di động

Cassette awning (Mái Hiên Dạng Hộp Kín)
Like the articulated arm awning, the cassette awning also has articulated arm technology. Nevertheless, this type of awning has a decisive advantage: When retracting the complete awning is covered by the cassette and thus serves as the best protection against dirt, rain and wind .

Semi-cassette awning (Mái Hiên Nửa Hộp Kín)

Another form of cassette awning is the half-cassette awning (also called sleeve awning). While both the fabric and the articulated arms are fully protected in the cassette awning, in the semi-cassette awning just the awning fabric protected . The articulated arms remain open at the bottom.

Side awning (Mái Hiên Trượt)
The side awning is suitable as a modern sight, sun and wind protection for terraces as well as balconies. Side awnings are mounted on the house facade and on the ground. This allows the awning to be removed if necessary. Side awnings are also often used by restaurants.

Vertical awnings (Mái Hiên Thả Dọc)
The vertical awning (also called vertical awning) is a special form of the awning. It is suitable as sun and visual protection for window fronts and are mounted like shutters over the window. The effective absorption of solar radiation does not heat interiors when the vertical awnings are shut down but maintain a constant temperature. Vertical awnings are usually chosen as a design element for house facades.

Drop arm awning 
The perfect sun protection for windows and small balconies : Drop arm awnings provide for shady places and counteract overheated indoor spaces. With the flexible angle bracket, you can choose how much shade to donate. It also allows you to determine how much visibility you allow outward. Drop arm awnings are often used as eye- catchers.

Conservatory awning
For conservatories, there are special awnings that are tailored to horizontal, sloping glass roofs . These are mounted from the outside and have an electric drive. Thus, the conservatory can be darkened by pressing a button and the heating of the winter garden in the summer is prevented.
Which awnings for which requirements? Our awning guide will help!

An awning is an indispensable part of all terraces and balconies that are exposed to the sun. Not only so that you can stay outside on hot and sunny days, but also to protect your interiors from overheating, an awning is a worthwhile investment.

A cassette awning, in which the awning cloth and articulated arm are optimally protected against the effects of the weather, is ideal if, for example, you attach great importance to a long service life. A window or vertical awning is the right choice for you if you want to protect your terrace or your balcony from outside view or your windows from direct sunlight. For the roofing and shading of larger areas, however, a stable pergola awning, which can be adapted to a wide variety of construction situations, is the optimum solution.

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